Things to do on a car journey

Before you start, plan your journey well by using an online map service.
It is always a good idea if you are travelling with toddlers and young children to take a pad and pen with you on a car journey. Then write down all the accidents that you can think of that could occur in the home and in the garden, and in that way you might stop them from happening. When you get back home put DangerSpot stickers in all those places you thought of. You could also play "I Spy" and note any potential dangers you might see on route. Why not also read a book or even make up your own story and draw the illustrations to go with it, or listen to a book on tape or CD.
Even read a DangerSpot Book!

It is also a good idea to take some wrapped surprises to give out along the journey. Don't give them out at the beginning but pace the events.
Pack lots of snacks and fruit. Do not forget to include plastic cups, bandaids, wipes and clothes. Also cool drinks kept in a cooling box will save money.
Harey and his friends on a pic-nic

Some simple word games to play.

The Sound Game One of the party looks out of the window and sees something. They then make a noise that the object would make and the others must guess what the person has seen.

The Letter Sounding Game Take a person's name and give it some other names with the same sounding letters, like "Silly Slapstick Sue", or "Daniel Dampbottom" or "Chris Cross Crysanthemum".

Keep a Straight Face. Each child takes a turn of being "it". The other players then choose a phrase for the "it" player. For example the phrase might be "The dog's foot". The "it" player then must answer every question with "The dog's foot". The other players then ask questions like:

Dangerspot buttonWhat do you eat your lunch with?
Dangerspot buttonWhat's your favourite sweet?
Dangerspot buttonWhat do you use to brush your teeth?
Dangerspot buttonWhat is Mummy's name?
When the "it" player can not keep a straight face and laughs it is the next player's turn.

A collection of simple games to amuse your children on a journey.
Anagram solver | Animal names |  Noughts and Crosses | Boxes |  Rhyming Game

And When you Get Home....

Don't rush around and remember to feed the cat!   

Scampi, the cat, with a fish in her mouth

Other games to play

Interactive boxes game

Spot the dangers in the kitchen

Colouring Pages

Match the Pairs

Test your Reflexes

Car Journey

Sweets or Medicines?

Find the Treasure Map

Road safety book for children

The Dangerous Road Game, road safety book for children

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Seaside safety book for children

A Harey Day at the Seaside, beach safety picture book.

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