The Characters

These funny children's picture books are full of cartoon characters, such as Scampi the cat, Chips the dog, Harey the hare-brained rabbit, and Pillow the parrot.

Harey the hare-brained rabbit Harey the Hare-Brained Rabbit
“Hi! I'm Harey, the Hare-Brained Rabbit. I'm always rushing around and having accidents”
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, spends much of his time rushing around, not looking where he is going and not thinking, which inevitably causes accidents.

Scampi the cat Scampi the Cat
“My name is Scampi and I'm always trying to stop Harey having accidents”
Scampi, the cat, is the wisest of the characters and spends her time helping Harey to avoid accidents.

Chips the dog Chips the Dog
“My name is Chips. I'm always the under-dog and a victim of Harey's carelessness”
Chips, the dog, is often the victim of Harey's adventures.

Pillow the parrot Pillow the Parrot
“My name is Pillow and I always repeat the safety message”
Pillow, the parrot, repeats everything to emphasise the safety message.

Children's Story Books

A Dangerous Day on the Farm, farm safety picture book for children

Farm safety
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The Dangerous Pirate Treasure, kids picture book about electricity hazards in the garden

Electricity safety
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The Deadly Sweet Cupboard, poison prevention book for toddlers

Poison prevention
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The Harey Bike Ride, cycle safety picture book.

Cycle safety
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The Harey Chat Room, about online safety for children.

Internet safety - No stickers
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Harey, Scampi and Chips and Pillow the parrot

The Hair-Raising Kite Flight, children's picture book teaching dangers of electricty.

Electricity safety
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Fire in the Fryer, children's picture book about fire dangers in the kitchen

Fire safety
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A Dangerous Christmas, picture book about child accident prevention at Christmas

Christmas safety
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A Nasty Shock, electricity safety picture book

Electricity safety
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A Harey Day at the Seaside, beach safety picture book.

Beach safety book
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