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Harey rabbit drowning in the sea

Parenting and Child Safety Education

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The books include an information sheet and DangerSpot stickers to invite parents and children to place around the home to identify any hazard or danger spots. In this way the books portray accidents, hazards and dangers to children in an amusing, and therefore, acceptable fashion whilst teaching the more serious aspects of these issues. The main point about the stickers is that it is very difficult to teach a young toddler about all the hazards for children around the home. By appreciating that a DangerSpot sticker means "danger, don't touch!" a child has then only to learn one thing - not to go near, or be careful.

Children's story books

Designed as story telling publications the books remind parents and teachers about the dangers in the home. By example, it is very often a parent or other adult who may leave a hot drink on the edge of a table for a child to knock over or leaves matches around for a toddler to find. Sometimes, it is the unintentional lack of thought or unawareness by the parents which ultimately causes the accidents. These child care books are written in the best way to help avoid accidents within the home by reminding the storyteller about the dangers. Scampi, the cat, rubs Chips burnt and scalded leg with a wet sponge

Children's reading books.

These child safety books are an essential learning aid, focusing teachers', parent's and children's attention on accident awareness and health education. Use them as children's bedtime stories to keep your children safe.

Funny children's booksthe characters running

The DangerSpot stories tell of Harey, the hare-brained rabbit in cartoon form, who is always rushing around causing and having accidents. While Chips, the dog, is often the victim of Harey’s carelessness, Scampi, the cat, tries her best to help with advice and Pillow, the parrot, always repeats the safety message. Full of funny jokes these books aim to entertain primarily, whilst teaching children safety, and providing information for storytellers, parents and teachers. The best of educational children's books. Harey having an accident, stepping on a garden rake

Best Books for Children

Chips, the dog, with a bone in his mouth This great picture book series illustrates a whole range of potential dangers within the home and elsewhere which could threaten your child, including electricity, electrical and fire hazards, chemicals and poisons, burns and scalds, falls and other injuries, as well as childhood obesity issues and road safety.

A Dangerous Day on the Farm, farm safety picture book for children

Farm safety
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The Dangerous Pirate Treasure, kids picture book about electricity hazards in the garden

Electricity safety
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The Deadly Sweet Cupboard, poison prevention book for toddlers

Poison prevention
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The Harey Bike Ride, cycle safety picture book.

Cycle safety
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The Harey Chat Room, about online safety for children.

Internet safety - No stickers
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Home safety for children

The most frequent types of accidents occurring within the home:

Child accidents statistics show that falls are the most widespread accidents amongst children. The second most common accidents amongst children occur when they bump into people, things or are hurt by falling objects. Burns and scalds occur as the third most common, mostly from hot drinks and hot water from a kettle. Poisonings from medicines, garden and household chemicals are the fourth most frequent accidents within the home.
Harey trips over his sword and has an accident in the loft

The Hair-Raising Kite Flight, children's picture book teaching dangers of electricty.

Electricity safety
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Fire in the Fryer, children's picture book about fire dangers in the kitchen

Fire safety
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A Dangerous Christmas, picture book about child accident prevention at Christmas

Christmas safety
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A Nasty Shock, electricity safety picture book

Electricity safety
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A Harey Day at the Seaside, beach safety picture book.

Beach safety book
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