DangerSpot Child Safety Quiz

Test your knowledge on Child Accident Prevention

Are you familiar with all the potention dangers within the home and elsewhere? Do your children know their Green Cross Code?

Test your knowledge with the following questions.

How many children are killed or injured on the roads in the UK each year?

A) 6,000. B) 16,000. C) 36,000. D) 56,000.

When is the peak time for accidents?

A) Spring. B) Summer. C) Autumn. D) Winter.

Children from economically deprived backgrounds are more likely to die as a result of an accident. True or false?

A) True. B) False.

Scalds are more common than burns. What are the main causes?

A) Hot drinks. B) Hot water bottles. C) Hot meals. D) Hot baths.

How many injuries occur within the home each year?

A) 10,000. B) 250,000. C) 500,000. D) Over 1 million.

What are the most common non-fatal injuries to children?

A) Poisonings. B) Falls. C) Burns. D) Choking.

Children can not assess risks for themselves. Where would you place DangerSpot stickers to teach children about the dangers?

A) Ask the Electricity Board. B) Near any object where you know there is a danger. C) Ask the Fire Brigade. D) In the kitchen.

What is the most important thing to do?

A) Keep children away from ovens, hobs and hotplates. B) Put cold water in the bath first and then add hot water. C) Fit smoke alarms and check them regularly. D) All.

Which sports cause the most accidents?

A) Athletics B) Football and basketball C) Rugby D) Tennis

Where do choking accidents happen most?

A) Garden B) Public playgrounds C) Home D) Shops

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