Protect your Child from Choking.

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Choking is a constant danger for young children. Young children have a tendency to put small objects into their mouths. Some items can be easily swallowed and stuck in their windpipe. The following advice should be considered:

What to do in an emergency

A child with a serious obstruction will not be able to speak, cough or breath and will lose consciousness. Try to remove the cause of the obstruction and telephone for an ambulance.


Older Children

The New “Fainting Game”

In America recently a 13-year-old died from asphyxiation by hanging as a result of playing a new fashionable game amongst young teenagers called “the fainting game” or the “pass out game”, also known as the “Choking Game”, “American Knockout”, “Space Monkey” to “California Dreaming”.

The point of this new fashionable trend is to cause a head rush by cutting off the flow of oxygen to the brain by using string, cord or a belt around the neck for a short time. As a consequnce more teenagers are going to die if allowed to continue with this new insane craze.

Parents should be made aware of this new “game” and the dangers.

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