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Click on one of these pictures for free colouring printable pages for your children.

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Colouring pictures from "The Dangerous Road Game" and farm colouring pages from"A Dangerous Day on the Farm"

Pillow the parrot. Harey exploding from an electrical accident Scampi and Chips from the road safety book

Pictures from "The Dangerously Big Bunny"

Harey and his friends on a see-saw. Harey and his friends on a see-saw side view Harey and his friends on their skate boards

Road safety colouring sheets from "The Dangerous Road Game"

Harey and his friends play football Harey walks into a lamp-post Harey falls over a giant snail

Other games to play

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Match the Pairs

Test your Reflexes

Car Journey

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Find the Treasure Map

Road safety book for children

The Dangerous Road Game, road safety book for children

Road safety
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Child obesity book for children

The Dangerously Big Bunny, child obesity picture book

Child Obesity
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Farm safety book for children

A Dangerous Day on the Farm, farm safety picture book for children

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