Children's Injuries from falls.

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Falls are the most widespread accidents amongst children. 60% are below the age of 5 and almost as many are boys. Most severe accidents are associated with falling from windows, balconies and stairs, particularly where they land on concrete paths and stone surfaces. The second most common accidents amongst children occur when they bump into people, things or are hurt by falling objects.

Very young children are unsteady and vulnerable to tripping and falling over. Although it is impossible to predict what can happen, familiarise yourself with your child's abilities to prevent accidents.

New safety guidelines are needed to prevent the rise in trampoline-related injuries

A recent rise in the number of accidents involving trampolines is giving the government cause for concern. 10% of childhood fractures have been caused by trampoline related accidents in the last two years. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents report that 11,500 people were injured by trampoline incidents in the UK since 2002. Over the last five years the number of these injuries have doubled due to the enormous increase in popularity and sales.

The recommendations include:

Take a few precautions within the home to secure your child's safety.

Safety from Windows

Falls often occur when a child leans out of an open window, often caused by a natural curiosity. It is recommended that no more than five inches space should be left open because that's about the width an average 10 month old could fall through.

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