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All young children are naturally curious about everything that surrounds them and they like to explore. They will put just about anything in their mouths as part of the learning experience. They are then particularly vulnerable to all sorts of hazards, pet dangers,  choking, including accidental poisoning from everyday household products.

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The majority of accidental poisonings occur with children under the age of 5 and nearly 90% of all poisonings occur in the home. 40% of poisonings are caused by medicines and the remaining causes are cosmetics, cleaning products, toys, art and craft materials, alcohol and other household chemicals.Colored pills and tablets are especially tempting to a child confusing them with sweets. Even vitamin tablets and iron pills may present a danger to a young child.

Since the recent tradegy in America of the four year old who died swallowing a lead laced charm the government advices parents not to leave any metallic costume jewelry around young children. The object came with a new pair of sports shoes.

Take these following precautions:

Incident of bleach poisoning

Recently a 2-year-old child was taken to hospital after drinking a small amount of bleach, a very common accident. This particular case happened when the mother put some bleach in a cup and left it available for the child to drink. Very often, most childhood poisonings occur when an adult is using a poisonous product. Child resistant lids are not any help because they are often left off or not secured properly while the material is being used, making it accessible for an inquisitive child.

In the event of an accidental poisoning take these recommended steps and precautions:

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