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The first half of each book in the series can be view by clicking on the front covers from the home page.

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Please contact us if you would like to email us with any suggestions, comments, complaints or would simply like to order some titles from DangerSpot books. They make ideal Easter and birthday presents.

Characters in the stories

Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, Chips the dog, Scampi the cat, and Pillow the parrot introduce themselves as the main characters in the DangerSpot series.
The characters

Books Available

This page shows the books that have been published and can be ordered through this site on by contacting DangerSpot Books.
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General Information

Some information about the purpose of the stories and how they have been designed to help children avoid having accidents.

Safety Advice and Information

Someadvice about child accident prevention for these subjects:
General advice on home safety
Baby proofing your home
Beach and seaside safety
Blind cords safety
Burns and scalds
Children's wounds and bleeding
Dangers of Chat Rooms
Christmas safety
Choking prevention
Child Obesity Awareness
Electricity Dangers
Emergency advice
Halloween Danger
Lawn mower safety
Noise levels
Pet Dangers
Poisoning Information
Road Safety
Shoe lace tip
Stranger danger
Toy Dangers
Hot weather dangers
Window safety
Print and complete the child safety worksheet

Further stories planned for publication

A list of stories already written and in preparation for publishing.

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Ordering arrangements and information

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Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Policy

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