More Picture Books to be published

Latest children's stories in the series planned for publication.

"A Drastic Plastic Day on the Beach".

Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends discover their local beach littered with plastic rubbish and plan to do something about the pollution in the seas. They meet a walrus who advises them about the dangers and what can be done to clean the seas.

A Harey Day in the Kitchen"A Harey Day in the Kitchen"

Kitchen safety education.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, decides to bake some hot cross buns with the help of his friends, Scampi the cat, Chips the dog and Pillow the parrot. He leaves the saucepan handle hanging over the front of the cooker and Pillow gets splashed with hot butter, gets an electrical shock when he plugs in the mixer with wet hands, Chips burns his hands on the front of the glass oven when he slips over butter left on the floor, Harey cuts his fingers because he is not holding the knife correctly and Scampi gets burnt with hot tea left on the side of the table, but all ends well when they finally have tea with Harey's buns, having learnt all about kitchen dangers.

"The Harey Ski Slope"

Harey takes his snowboard as well with disastrous results. Ignoring all the advice and signs Harey shows off as usual, races around on his snowboard, hits Chip and breaks his leg, and goes off-piste and hits a rock hidden in the snow.

"Smog in the Fog"

Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends are lighting a bonfire in the garden during a day when heavy smog and air pollution is causing difficulties for breathing. Scampi the cat suggests they should not be outside during peak traffic times when the air is more polluted. They go indoors and use an air purifier to clean the air in the house. After supper they go to bed leaving a lit candle which causes the house to catch fire, but they all escape with the help of Pillow the parrot.

"The Harey Cake Bake"

Food safety
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, sets about making a cake with the help of his friends but fails to obey the most basic food hygiene rules with disasterous results.

"The Rotten Tooth Fairy"

Oral hygiene and dangers of tooth decay.
Harey the hare-brained rabbit refuses to wash his teeth, eats too many sweets and drinks too many sweet drinks. When he starts to get tooth-ache Scampi the cat explains he should wash his teeth more often and not eat too many sweet things. He learns to wash his teeth more often, but runs around with a tooth brush in his mouth, not looking where he is going as usual, and falls over and hurts his mouth.

"The Ghastly Gas"

Kids story book about Carbon Monoxide dangers
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends go on holiday to the countryside in a caravan. Harey trips off the step from the caravan, and falls while climbing over rocks. They then have a picnic and eat some suspect mushrooms. Finally, Harey is in too much of a hurry and does not connect the propane bottle correctly to the gas cooker and during the night they are overcome with gas fumes.

"A Harey Day on The River"

River and boating safety education.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends go on holiday and hire a boat along the river. He refuses to wear a safety jacket and falls into the water whilst showing off and jumping from a moving boat. Finally, he is badly hurt when they go too fast and reverse dangerously knocking him into the water again, they collide with another boat and cause a fire.

"Fire in the Night"

Fire safety education.
After some dangerous incidents in the house during a cold stormy winter Harey and his friends go to bed at night leaving the television switched on and clothing to dry over the electric fire. Fortunately they are woken up by the smoke alarm which saves their lives when the house burns down.

"The Hot Cup of Char"

Burns and scalds
After running around and having accidents Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, burns himself when he bumps into a table and knocks over a hot cup of tea.

"The Dangerous Car Journey"

Road safety education.
Harey and his friends go out for the day in the car for a pic-nic. Harey goes into the road around the car to open the door without looking and nearly causes an accident with passing cars. Because their safety seats are not properly fitted they are sent flying when the car narrowly avoids an accident. Chips is left in the car while they go to buy ice-creams and is overcome by the heat.

"The Perilous Pond Adventure"

Water safety education.
After reading a book about the adventures of a great whale Harey goes searching for a big fish in the garden pond.
He and his friends build a flimsy bridge over the pond, causing Harey to fall in and nearly drown.

"Harey's Fall Stop"

Avoiding falls and trips.
After abandoning the stairs indoors as his skateboard run Harey the hare-brained rabbit builds his own outside run in the garden using a stepladder near the greenhouse.

"The Harey Dog Story"

A story about dangerous dogs.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends learn how to approach a dog and not bend down too near the animal's face and not to give him chocolate, which can be poisonous for dogs. Harey then runs away from a dog screaming with excitement which encourages trouble and finally learns the hard way not to try and take a bone away from a dog, with painful results.

"The Poisonous Garden Party"

Poisonous plant education.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends prepare a party in the garden, which inevitably involves having several accidents. After enjoying a pic-nic of cheese sandwiches, fruit and ice-cream Harey gets greedy for more, discovers some brightly coloured mushrooms that look good to eat and picks some berries from different trees and shrubs around the garden that turn out to be poisonous!

"A Dangerous Firework Display"

Firework education.
The firework party goes off with a bang when Harey climbs up the bonfire to put a "guy" on top,points a rocket into the crowd, rushes around with sparklers and burns Chip, the dog, and holds a firework in his hands which explodes in his face.

"The Harey Train Journey"

Railway and electricity safety education.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends visit the railway station. He stands too close to the edge, beyond the yellow line, and gets pulled back just in time. They then wander off the platform and go to play near the railway line. Harey is pulled away from touching the third, live rail, when he attempts to walk across the rails. He is stopped from climbing on the overhead wire gangway, taught how to cross safely at the level crossing, and stopped from throwing something onto the railway line.

"Fool in the Pool"

Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, dreams of entering the Swimming Olympics.
"I'm going to be the greatest swimmer in the whole world," he brags.
Against advice Harey dives into the garden pool when the water is very cold and suffers a cold water shock. He is pulled out and saved after getting into difficulties breathing in the very cold water. His friends then take him to the local indoor pool where it is warmer and safer. He then races around and slips on a wet patch next to the pool and hurts himself. Then Chips trips over and falls into the water because Harey had left his shoes and clothing near the pool. Finally, Harey shows off doing his backstroke swimming, bangs his head at the end of the pool and has to be saved by Scampi and Chips.

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