The Dangerously Big Bunny

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child obesity and healthy eating book
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Child Obesity
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The Dangerously Big Bunny DVD, child obesity animation

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Book about obesity

A children's picture book about child accident and obesity prevention, giving additional information and facts about the danger of too much television for children and the dangers of fast foods.

Supporting the TOAST obesity awareness programme.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, watches TV all day and eats all the wrong foods. He becomes unhealthy and overweight. He has trouble getting through doorways, too overweight to play on the swings, breaks his skateboard, and sinks the boat in the park. His doctor puts him on a diet. He cuts down on eating biscuits, sweets, chocolate toffee bars, cakes and ice-cream, joins a gym and watches less television. He is soon back to his old fit self. 'Who's a pretty boy, then?' says his friend, Pillow the parrot.
32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers.
ISBN 978-0-9546565-7-7.